torsdag 9. desember 2010

Dew-tour and a little Edit

I was at Sudndalen a couple days ago.
Me and Andreas Håtveit was jumping at his backyard, It´s just amazing what a sick backyard he has!!
Here is a little edit from there:

PC Fosse @ Hatveit´s from PC Fosse on Vimeo.

Tomorrow Im going to Breck.CO for the Dew tour so I guess that will be tons of fun!
Im going there with the Norwegian crew:Aleks Aurdal, Anders Backe, Elvis Harsheim, Klaus Finne and Thomas Dolplads.

The course wil have 4 jumps and 4 or 5 rails..
Will try to update from breck with some photoes and maybe a edit..

-PC Fosse

6 kommentarer:

  1. hei, digger det du gjør. så deg i Funkelia på Søndag. du er rå! skal følge bloggen din videre :D

  2. Du e så sjuuuukt rå! digge dæ :-D

  3. Awesomeness ! hoping for more update :)

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