torsdag 9. desember 2010

Dew-tour and a little Edit

I was at Sudndalen a couple days ago.
Me and Andreas Håtveit was jumping at his backyard, It´s just amazing what a sick backyard he has!!
Here is a little edit from there:

PC Fosse @ Hatveit´s from PC Fosse on Vimeo.

Tomorrow Im going to Breck.CO for the Dew tour so I guess that will be tons of fun!
Im going there with the Norwegian crew:Aleks Aurdal, Anders Backe, Elvis Harsheim, Klaus Finne and Thomas Dolplads.

The course wil have 4 jumps and 4 or 5 rails..
Will try to update from breck with some photoes and maybe a edit..

-PC Fosse

fredag 26. november 2010


Today is the qualification for tomorrows SWEET RUMBLE finals here in Trysil.

The jump is really fun to hit, 19 m to the knuckle and a poppy kicker.

Here are the startlist:

Here is a little video from yesterdays practise:

-PC Fosse

torsdag 18. november 2010

King of Style

Waxing my skis

Im soon done with packing all my skigear and stuff and ready to leave to Stockholm.
The Practise and qualifications are on friday and finals on saturday.
With just 8 of 24 going trough to the final, it will be a hard battle!
Last year it was over 20 000 in the crowd so im sure it will be fun anyways..
I got a spot there last year but couldt do it couse of my head injury so this will be my first time over there, so i am really looking forward to it.


From USA:
Bobby Brown
Sammy Carlson
Tom Wallisch
Gus Kenworhty
LJ Strenio

From Australia:
Russ Henshaw

From Norway:
Andreas Håtveit
PK Hunder
Ole Christian Mustad
Fridtjof Fredriksson
PC Fosse
Aleksander Aurdal

From Switzerland:
Elias Ambühl

From Germany:
Bene Mayr

From France:
Kevin Rolland

From Canada:
Phil Casabon
Paul Bergeron
JF Houle

From Sweden:
Jon Olsson
Henrik Harlaut
Jacob Wester
Jesper Tjäder
Axel Östlund
Linus Tornberg
Oscar Harlaut
Simon Ericson
Kim Boberg
Oscar Sherlin
Oscar Wester
Niklas Karlsson
Niklas Eriksson

Here is a video from last year:

Winter Jam & King of Style 2009 from Fri Flyt TV on Vimeo.

tirsdag 9. november 2010

Hemsedal Opening Weekend

Petter Bolstad made a short edit from the opening weekend at Hemsedal Cafe and hemsedal ski Resort.
It was fun time shredding and sacrifices of skis to the Snow-God!

Untitled from petter on Vimeo.

-PC Fosse

søndag 7. november 2010


Two days ago i got an invite for the comp; King of Style, that are in Stockholm 19-21 Nov.

Couldn't be much more stoked about that, I got a spot there last year, but pretty much fuc%ked up in Dachstein 3 days before..

On thursday I will travel to Switzerland with Backe, Frido and Elvis for the Glacier 3000 invitational..

Has also made a little Self-Edit check it out..

PC Fosse-Self Edit from PC Fosse on Vimeo.

-PC Fosse

torsdag 28. oktober 2010

Autumn Setup

Faction Rider PC Fosse has been keeping himself entertained in Norway whilst waiting for the parks to open. Trying to find something new and interesting to do, they came up with this idea:

According to PC the session panned out as follows:

“We built the landing first, then found an old rail we wanted to try again, but this time, to use it as a launch rail, it took us a day to finish the set up and then we had to find snow. Taking a tractor, we picked up two big trailers worth of snow at the hockey hall, 15 mins away. After getting the snow sorted on the landing and in run, I was pretty scared to hit it, because of the long rail and scary gap.”

“We talked about getting towed in by a KTM bike, which we had never tried, but you have to start somewhere. So I got towed in by the bike, and was gaping the set up without hitting the rail. It worked really well, so I tried the rail and it was super FUN!! Doing some Misty 450 off, and 630′s and so on”

Autumn Rail

The plan for next time is to move the landing further away, so I can try bigger tricks, and not land at the bottom of the landing everytime, like in this session.

-PC Fosse


Roadtrip to Hintertux with Klaus Finne.
All showed in this three episodes from Tux..

The TUX edit 1.2 from PC Fosse on Vimeo.

The TUX edit from PC Fosse on Vimeo.

Ut på tur, aldri sur!! from PC Fosse on Vimeo.

-PC Fosse